D Average

“Ain’t no man can avoid being average, but there ain’t no man got to be common.” ~Satchel Paige

D Average dodges bill collectors on a daily basis. he owes money to a college, from which his moniker derived. He owes over $5000 to the US Government, for reasons he declined to comment on. He owes money to friends, family, cell phone companies, even his parents, who keep a running tab posted on their fridge.

Aside from owing money to nearly everyone he encounters, he spends his evenings in a room. Any given night you can find him in this room, headphones gripping his skull, one hand thumbing through a crate of vinyl, the other gently rested on his mpc pads. He will take a short break from his studious beat creation sessions to grab a can of PBR and converse with you about life, existence, the universe, and other various topics. Then he’s right back at it, listening closely to whichever obscure record he’s chosen to sample from this particular night. Occasionally he’ll stop, move the needle back a groove or two, followed by what can only be described as button damaging, pad thrashing, knob crushing madness. Several hours later and it’s over, a cool collected calm in the air, and a wide eyed D Average will emerge, refreshed and ready for the next phase…. The microphone.

Drop Beats. Not bombs.

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