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prettygirlhatemachine is an independent hip hop group that hails from Des Moines, Iowa. It was born in 2005 to the then only member of the group, Toby Diligent. After going on an indefinite hiatus from his original crew, High Kaliber, Toby intended to redefine himself as an artist. He made a few songs under this new moniker. Realizing that he wasn’t wanting to, or perhaps wasn’t ready to take on this new project as a solo artist, he quickly recruited fellow Des Moines east side emcee, D Average in early 2006. The two of them clicked immediately as friends, and as artists. They began hanging out, and creating all of the time. This was short-lived however. Before the duo had created enough material to release a worthy album, D Average moved to California to join the Navy in the fall of 2006.

After this happened both artists got caught up with other aspects of their lives, and were pretty inactive for the next two years. Fast forward to late 2008. D Average returns to visit his homeland, and the two emcees link up once again. During Average’s trip home, and in the coming months after, the duo created what came to be their first album. It was a 12 track effort produced by D Average, and written by Average and Diligent. While creating the record, the artists started talking about performing live, and agreed that they needed to recruit a DJ to join the crew. Enter Joey Fresh. Joey Fresh, AKA J-Fresh, was a long time friend of Diligent’s, and had started DJing 3 or 4 years prior. Seemed to be the perfect fit, so he was asked to join and gladly accepted. The ensemble is now complete.

The crew finally recorded their first album in the summer of 2009 in San Diego, CA in D Average’s home. At which point the guys began dispersing the album for free on the streets of Des Moines. After creating a small buzz in Des Moines, they started playing local shows in the fall of 2009. Though this wasn’t an easy feat with Average still living in California. They managed to make it work though, and Average flew back frequently to rock with Diligent and Fresh. After a handful of successful local shows, several heads in the city started to take notice. prettygirlhatemachine was becoming a reputable name in the Des Moines music scene.

In the summer of 2010, the guys released their second group effort. A 7 track EP titled “Remixes and Write-Offs”. The EP is a stripped down version of what it was originally intended to be. As it was a full-length album, about half of it was lost forever due to a computer hard drive crashing, which contained the only copies of the new material. After the second project was released, the crew continued to show and prove at local shows. Average finally made the move back home to Des Moines in the summer of 2011. At this point the crew stepped outside of their home city to take the stage for the first time in other parts of the Midwest. Playing in cities bigger than their own, such as Omaha and Minneapolis.

In 2012, as the guys were experiencing minor creative differences on where they wanted to go with the next record, Toby Diligent released his entirely self-produced debut solo album. The record was received pretty well locally, and made some small waves in other cities in the Midwest as well. They also released their first video for a song called ‘Bridges’ off if this release. The video was directed and produced by the guys at DEFT visuals, who have been making quite a name for themselves in the Des Moines scene lately.

After that the guys would spend most of 2013 and 2014 getting out and playing shows in new cities. The end of 2013 saw their first Midwest tour. The “No Guarantees” tour, which spanned 6 cities across the Midwest. The boys embarked on 2 more tours in 2014. A 9 city run in the spring on part of Kansas City-based collaborator’s, IndyGround’s “Pocket Full of Loud” tour. Then again in the fall doing a 12 city stint with IndyGround, as part of the “If We Could Prove Its Possible” tour. As well as several spot dates, festivals, and hometown shows throughout the year.

This pretty much brings us to present day. The next prettygirlhatemachine full-length has been highly anticipated among fans of the group. The album is titled ‘Real is a Joke’, and comes out April 21st, 2015. With a record release party taking place at Vaudeville Mews on Saturday, April 18th. The group will be touring again in 2015 in support of the new record, and is currently booking dates for late summer/early fall. The rest is yet to be written, and the guys are excited for the next step.

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