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Album Release Party Update…

As you know, we are releasing our 2nd album on July 17th at our show at The Vaudeville Mews. You might also know what will we be celebrating Matt’s birthday as well. But here’s what you didn’t know… Our boys Ryan Nixon and MicL are currently working on a project produced by Aeon Grey. And […]

Insomnia: Progression

4:24 am, not able to fall asleep. Probably due to the fact that I didn’t get out of bed until 4 pm yesterday. I had what might have been the worst hangover I’ve ever had and was in bed for 14 hours. On Easter Sunday mind you. Go me! Anyways, haven’t updated in a few […]

Hanging by a Thread

Good evening party people. My counterpart has been filling you in on his half of the progression, and I thought now is a good time to fill you in on mine. Hectic. That’s how you could describe my life right now if you only had one word to do it. Many events and situations are […]

March 13th

Yo. What’s up world? Not much here, just loungin’ at my apartment listenin’ to the bar across the street bumpin’ some Tone Loc. That’s what’s up. It was a month ago today that I decided to put away drugs, alcohol, and tobacco for a while. I am still going strong and feeling great! I wonder […]

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